The Donald, You’re Fired!

Donald Trump may hold people’s attention in New York City, but here in the boondocks of middle America, he just looks stupid.  He’s insistence that the President show his “long-form” birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States is ridiculous!  Well now that the President has shown his long-form birth certificate what will The Donald do?  Well, he has his real estate holdings, his TV show The Apprentice, and other business interests.

Now he has threatened to run for President of the United States.  The Donald would not make a very good president.  His personal experience is so far removed from main stream America, that he would likely fare worse that George W. Bush.  Also his ego would not fare well in a presidential campaign, as evidenced by his stone-faced expression through most of the annual White House Correspondents dinner, where The Donald was the butt of jokes from the President and the dinner’s featured speaker Seth Meyers, the head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor for “Saturday Night Live.”  Well played, Mr. President!

Since he announced he would make a decision and declare it on his TV show, I cannot help but think The Donald was simply using the situation as a way to increase the decreasing audience for his TV show.  I for one will not be viewing the finale.  Donald, go back to doing whatever you do, but leave us out of it because you’re fired!

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