Comcast Failing Big!

As Comcast grows, their customer service seems to be getting worse.  This morning I turned on the TV to see the latest business news.  I usually watch Bloomberg as CNBC has gotten too political.  Something had changed!

There seemed to be different hosts.  Where was Betty Liu?  And the hosts seemed more political.  Then I realized I was watching Fox News, the propaganda channel of the 1%.  I hit my Bloomberg button on my third-party remote and again I got Fox News.  I looked at the on-screen guide and no Bloomberg channel was shown.  So I logged into Comcast’s web site to see if the channel line-up had changed.  Comcast’s channel line-up showed Bloomberg on channel 739, right where I had been watching it for several years.

Comcast Channel Line-up

So I called Comcast’s phone support.  After yelling at the IVR operator to forward me to a human for 3 minutes, I got connected to Paul (name changed). He listen to my problem and checked the line-up for my area and said “Bloomberg should be on channel 739.” He said he would remotely reset my cable DVR box and that might fix the problem after about 30 minutes.

While I was waiting for that box to reset, I checked my bedroom HD box to see if it had the same problem.  There was no Bloomberg on channel 739!  In fact, there was no channel 739, so the box went to the next available channel, Fox News.  While contemplating spending another 30 minutes trying to get to a human that could reset my cable box, I scanned around to see if other channels were missing.  And there on channel 747 was Bloomberg News HD!  Apparently hiding from everyone, including Comcast.

Comcast does not seem to know their head from their headend!  Someone moved the channel and the website and customer service knew nothing about it.  Since they moved the Science Channel to a higher tier, Comcast has been on my get-rid list.  Maybe it’s time to dump them for the Dish!

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