Donald, Do Not Fuck Up America!

Nor the rest of the world! Do nothing evil that you promised to do to women, Muslims, Mexico, immigrants and above all, do not nuke’em! Also do not sue all the women that came out accusing you of sexual harassment nor put Hillary in jail.  These things will not help most Americans.  I watched as you promised everything to everyone, but you cannot deliver everything to everyone.  Disinformation will not change the truth.  Please try to deliver something good to most people.  I fear that your term will continue the decline of America that President Obama was slowly turning around.  As in the words of one MSNBC commentator, “This is going to take a lot of sinking in.”  Donald, remember that more than half the citizen’s votes were not for you and some of your votes were not Hillary votes.

We do want you to improve our infrastructure.  Maybe you can deliver us the fastest, cheapest, most neutral Internet in the world.  And rebuild and secure our electric grid, because electric power is the fuel that will drive our success.  Please remember that everything that you say or tweet will send shock-waves around the world for better or worse for Americans.

Release your tax return or are you afraid that it will show you are not doing your fair share to make America great.  In the end the American public will judge you not on what you say or tweet, but what you do!  Think how it will effect everyone, not just Donald Trump.  And finally some hope from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, There has got to be a pony in this crap pile.